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The oil produced by the Cooperativa Colline del Tanagro is handcrafted and comes from olives of the 'frantoiana' variety that have been present in our territory for centuries.

The olive groves are cared for with products that are not harmful to the environment and the olives are harvested using traditional techniques, ensuring consumers for the natural and genuine bouquet, the oil we sell is the same oil our members consume at the table.

Il nostro olio extravergine stuzzica il palato ed è buono per la salute, per assaporarlo è indispensabile immaginare le colline che lo hanno generato, liberare la vista, l’olfatto, il gusto:

To the eye the colour is more or less intense, ranging from green to yellow with a slight patination that makes it velvety. It is clear and sometimes veiled.

The nose shows a definite and ample hint of the fruitiness of freshly picked olives.

To the Taste our oil is strong and persistent, fruity, pleasantly spicy.

The slight spicy sensation at the base of the tongue should not frighten you. This sensation is due to the presence of phenolic compounds, natural antioxidants that protect the oil during storage, but also play an important role in our health by protecting cells from ageing and oxidative stress. Unfortunately, most of the time, the presence of polyphenols is completely misunderstood. In fact, consumers often evaluate spiciness as a defect instead of a great asset of quality extra virgin olive oil.